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To make USB tool:

1. Format disk with three partitions. Curently using a 16GB USB but I recommend more space, especially for persistant BackTrack.

	BOOT - FAT-32, ~3GiB. Must fit FalconFour disk  contents and the BackTrack live disk contents.
	TABLES - FAT-32, ~9GiB. Must fit any Ophcrack tables required. FAT-32 isn't essential but makes it easier to access from non-linux OS.
	BACKTRACK - ext3/4, ~5GiB. Used for the persistent BackTrack instance. I would recommend more than 5GiB.
2. Follow FalconFour instructions for installing GRUB4DOS to BOOT partition.
3. Extract FalconFour to root of BOOT. Make BT5 folder on BOOT and extract BackTrack there.

4. Replace menu.lst with menu.lst and btsubmenu.lst, or make your own.

5. Place required tables in TABLES partition.

6. Boom. Should be good to go.
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