Solr adapter and serializer for Ember Data
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ember-solr Build Status

Ember Data adapter that connects to a Solr server.

Installing ember-solr with Ember CLI

$ ember install:addon ember-solr

This will create a new setting in config/environment.js. Replace the default value with your Solr server.

Using SolrAdapter

$ ember generate solr-adapter application [--enableRealTimeGet] [--url=]

This will make a subclass of SolrAdapter for you to configure and register it as the application adapter.

See SolrAdapter for properties and methods you can override.


Additional documentation is available at

long, double and BigNumber

ember-solr uses a custom JSON parsing library to handle Solr long and double fields without losing precision on values that exceed Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER (2^53 - 1).

These values will be automatically detected and represented as instances of BigNumber using a string to represent the complete value.

No support is provided for performing arithmetic computations on BigNumber, such as addition, subtraction or multiplication.

JSON-P Limitations

By default, SolrAdapter.dataType is set to 'jsonp' to work with Solr servers that do not have CORS headers enabled. If you want to use Optimistic Concurrency or use long or double fields in your schema, JSON-P will not be able to handle values that exceed JavaScript's Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER (2^53 - 1).

In particular, this limitation means that using Solr's built-in _version_ field for optimistic concurrency is not possible with JSON-P.

Customizing Serialization

$ ember generate solr-serializer <name> [--dynamic] [--atomic] [--multiValued]

This will generate a serializer for a given model with some options.

Flag Description
dynamic Includes DynamicSerializerMixin
atomic Includes AtomicSerializerMixin
multiValued Includes AtomicMultiValuedSerializerMixin

Custom attribute types

This adapter registers the following types that map to Solr field types

Solr field type DS.attr type
text string
double BigNumber
float number
int number
long BigNumber
strings array of string
numbers array of number
doubles array of BigNumber
floats array of number
ints array of number
longs array of BigNumber
booleans array of boolean
dates array of date

The plural array types are intended for use with Solr fields that are multiValued="true".


config/environment.js sets the URL of the Solr server.

SolrAdapter has the following properties:

  • baseURL usually injected from config/environment

  • commit (Default: EmberSolr.CommitType.None) include commit command in updates

  • commitWithinMilliseconds (Default: undefined) include commitWithin in updates

  • dataType (Default: jsonp) chooses normal json or jsonp to side-step cross origin restrictions

  • defaultCore specify a Solr Core to route requests to by default

  • defaultSerializer (Default: -solr)

  • enableRealtimeGet (Default: false) use Solr's RealTimeGetHandler when applicable

  • updateMode (Default: EmberSolr.SolrUpdateMode.None) enables optimistic concurrency by sending appropriate _version_ on updates SolrAdapter also has these methods that can be overridden:

  • coreForType choose another Solr Core for a given type

  • filterQueryForType create an optional filter query to filter documents

  • handlerForType select a Solr request handler path and type for an operation

  • uniqueKeyForType override the canonical id field with something else

See SolrAdapter.

Dynamic Fields

DynamicSerializerMixin provides a quick way to connect to a Solr server using Dynamic Fields.

Declare a model such as:

import DS from 'ember-data';

export default DS.Model.extend({
  title: DS.attr(),
  keywords: DS.attr('strings'),
  body: DS.attr('text'),
  popularity: DS.attr('float'),
  isPublic: DS.attr('boolean')

Then generate a serializer for your model:

ember g solr-serializer post --dynamic

The attributes on this model would be mapped, by default, to:

  • title => title_s
  • keywords => keywords_ss
  • body => body_txt
  • popularity: popularity_f
  • isPublic: is_public_b

See DynamicSerializerMixin for more on how to customize dynamic field names.

Contributing to ember-solr


  • git clone this repository
  • npm install -g ember-cli bower
  • ember install

Running Tests

  • ember test

For more information on using ember-cli, visit