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Sass CSS Importer Plugin

The Sass CSS Importer allows you to import a CSS file into Sass.

Stylesheet Syntax

The .css extension triggers special behavior in Sass so you cannot import a file with a CSS extension. To work around this, you must use a special prefix on the import string and omit the extension.

@import "CSS:some_folder/some_css_file"


$ gem install --pre sass-css-importer

Use with the Sass command line

$ sass -r sass-css-importer --watch sass_dir:css_dir

Note: several -r options can be given to the sass command line if you need to require several libraries.

Use with compass

Add the following to your compass configuration:

require 'sass-css-importer'

More complex scenarios

This plugin assumes you want to import CSS files relative to a Sass file. More complex scenarios are acheivable by adding a CSS Importer to the Sass load path option explicitly.

For example, in compass you can do the following in your config.rb file:

require 'sass-css-importer'