📷 PictShare is an multi lingual, open source image and mp4 hosting service with a simple resizing and upload API that you can host yourself. 🎑
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Live Demo PictShare is a multi lingual, open source image hosting service with a simple resizing and upload API that you can host yourself.

Apache License


Table of contents



The fastest way to deploy PictShare is via the official Docker repo

docker run -d -p 80:80 -e "TITLE=My own PictShare" hascheksolutions/pictshare

Docker setup

Docker Compose With Prebuild Image by hascheksolutions

Run container by docker-compose:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/chrisiaut/pictshare/master/docker-compose.yml
  • Edit docker-compose file:
vi docker-compose.yml
  • Run container by docker-compose:
docker-compose up

By using this compose file, you should know that:

  • Will make a directory "volumes" in the same directory where compose file is.
  • Change AUTOUPDATE to false from true by defalt.
  • And...it is highly recommended to build your own image.

Without Docker

  • Make sure you have PHP5 GD libraries installed: apt-get install php5-gd
  • Unpack the PictShare zip
  • Rename /inc/example.config.inc.php to /inc/config.inc.php
  • chmod +x bin/ffmpeg if you want to be able to use mp4 uploads
  • The provided ffmpeg binary (bin/ffmpeg) is from here and it's a 64bit linux executable. If you need a different one, load yours and overwrite the one provided
  • (optional) You can and should put a nginx proxy before the Apache server. That thing is just insanely fast with static content like images.
  • (optional) To secure your traffic I'd highly recommend getting an SSL Cert for your server if you don't already have one.

Why would I want to host my own images?

If you own a server (even a home server) you can host your own PictShare instance so you have full control over your content and can delete images hasslefree.

If you're an app developer or sysadmin you can use it for a centralized image hosting. With the simple upload API you can upload images to your PictShare instance and get a nice short URL

If you're a blogger like myself, you can use it as storage for your images so the images will still work even if you change blog providers or servers


  • Uploads without logins or validation (that's a good thing, right?)
  • Simple API to upload any image from remote servers to your instance via URL and via Base64
  • 100% file based - no database needed
  • Simple album functions with embedding support
  • Converts gif to (much smaller) MP4
  • MP4 resizing
  • PictShare removes all exif data so you can upload photos from your phone and all GPS tags and camera model info get wiped
  • Smart resize, filter and rotation features
  • Generate gradients by specifying only a size. eg: https://pictshare.net/800x200
  • Duplicates don't take up space. If the exact same images is uploaded twice, the second upload will link to the first
  • You can control who can upload images or use filters/resizes by defining an upload-code
  • You can set a code in your /inc/config.inc.php (MASTER_DELETE_CODE) that, if appended to any URL of an Image, will delete the image and all cached versions of it from the server
  • Detailed traffic and view statistics of your images via Pictshare stats
  • For more configuration possibilities check out the /inc/example.config.inc.php file

Smart query system

PictShare images can be changed after upload just by modifying the URL. It works like this:


For example: https://pictshare.net/100x100/negative/b260e36b60.jpg will show you the uploaded Image b260e36b60.jpg but resize it to 100x100 pixels and apply the "negative" filter. The original image will stay untouched.

Available options

Original URL: https://www.pictshare.net/b260e36b60.jpg

Note: If an option needs a value it works like this: optionname_value. Eg: pixelate_10 If there is some option that's not recognized by PictShare it's simply ignored, so this will work: https://www.pictshare.net/pictshare-is-awesome/b260e36b60.jpg and also even this will work: https://www.pictshare.net/b260e36b60.jpg/how-can-this-still/work/

Option Parameter Example URL Result
<width>x<height> -none- https://pictshare.net/20x20/b260e36b60.jpg Resized
forcesize -none- https://pictshare.net/100x400/forcesize/b260e36b60.jpg Forced size
just add multiple image hashes -none- https://www.pictshare.net/b260e36b60.jpg/32c9cf77c5.jpg/163484b6b1.jpg Takes the images you put in the URL and makes an album out of them. All filters are supported!
embed -none- https://www.pictshare.net/b260e36b60.jpg/32c9cf77c5.jpg/163484b6b1.jpg/embed Renders the album without CSS and with transparent background so you can embed them easily
responsive -none- https://www.pictshare.net/b260e36b60.jpg/32c9cf77c5.jpg/163484b6b1.jpg/responsive Renders all images responsive (max-width 100%) according to screen size
<width>x<height> -none- https://www.pictshare.net/b260e36b60.jpg/32c9cf77c5.jpg/163484b6b1.jpg/150x150 Sets the size for the thumbnails in the album
forcesize -none- https://www.pictshare.net/b260e36b60.jpg/32c9cf77c5.jpg/163484b6b1.jpg/100x300/forcesize Forces thumbnail sizes to the values you provided
GIF to mp4
mp4 -none- https://www.pictshare.net/mp4/102687fe65.gif Converts gif to mp4 and displays as that. Note that you can't include that mp4 in an img tag
raw -none- https://www.pictshare.net/mp4/raw/102687fe65.gif Renders the converted mp4 directly. Use with /mp4/
preview -none- https://www.pictshare.net/mp4/preview/102687fe65.gif Renders the first frame of generated MP4 as JPEG. Use with /mp4/
MP4 options
-none- -none- https://www.pictshare.net/65714d22f0.mp4 Renders the mp4 embedded in a simple HTML template. This link can't be embedded into video tags, use /raw/ instead if you want to embed
raw -none- https://www.pictshare.net/raw/65714d22f0.mp4 Renders the mp4 video directly so you can link it
preview -none- https://www.pictshare.net/preview/65714d22f0.mp4 Renders the first frame of the MP4 as an JPEG image
left -none- https://pictshare.net/left/b260e36b60.jpg Rotated left
right -none- https://pictshare.net/right/b260e36b60.jpg Rotated right
upside -none- https://pictshare.net/upside/b260e36b60.jpg Upside down
negative -none- https://pictshare.net/negative/b260e36b60.jpg Negative
grayscale -none- https://pictshare.net/grayscale/b260e36b60.jpg grayscale
brightness -255 to 255 https://pictshare.net/brightness_100/b260e36b60.jpg brightness
edgedetect -none- https://pictshare.net/edgedetect/b260e36b60.jpg edgedetect
smooth -10 to 2048 https://pictshare.net/smooth_3/b260e36b60.jpg smooth
contrast -100 to 100 https://pictshare.net/contrast_40/b260e36b60.jpg contrast
pixelate 0 to 100 https://pictshare.net/pixelate_10/b260e36b60.jpg pixelate
blur -none- or 0 to 5 https://pictshare.net/blur/b260e36b60.jpg pixelate
sepia -none- https://pictshare.net/sepia/b260e36b60.jpg instagram filter sepia
sharpen -none- https://pictshare.net/sharpen/b260e36b60.jpg instagram filter sharpen
emboss -none- https://pictshare.net/emboss/b260e36b60.jpg instagram filter emboss
cool -none- https://pictshare.net/cool/b260e36b60.jpg instagram filter cool
light -none- https://pictshare.net/light/b260e36b60.jpg instagram filter light
aqua -none- https://pictshare.net/aqua/b260e36b60.jpg instagram filter aqua
fuzzy -none- https://pictshare.net/fuzzy/b260e36b60.jpg instagram filter fuzzy
boost -none- https://pictshare.net/boost/b260e36b60.jpg instagram filter boost
gray -none- https://pictshare.net/gray/b260e36b60.jpg instagram filter gray

You can also combine as many options as you want. Even multiple times! Want your image to be negative, resized, grayscale , with increased brightness and negate it again? No problem: https://pictshare.net/500x500/grayscale/negative/brightness_100/negative/b260e36b60.jpg

How does the external-upload-API work?

Upload from external URL

PictShare has a simple REST API to upload remote pictures. The API can be accessed via the backend.php file like this:

https://pictshare.net/backend.php?getimage=<URL of the image you want to upload>.


Request: https://pictshare.net/backend.php?getimage=https://www.0xf.at/css/imgs/logo.png

The server will answer with the file name and the server path in JSON:


Upload via POST

Send a POST request to https://pictshare.net/backend.php and send the image in the variable postimage.

Server will return JSON of uploaded data like this:


Upload from base64 string

Just send a POST request to https://pictshare.net/backend.php and send your image in base64 as the variable name base64

Server will automatically try to guess the file type (which should work in 90% of the cases) and if it can't figure it out it'll just upload it as png.

Restriction settings

In your config.inc.php there are two values to be set: UPLOAD_CODE and IMAGE_CHANGE_CODE

Both can be set to strings or multiple strings semi;colon;separated. If there is a semicolon in the string, any of the elements will work


If set, will show users a code field in the upload form. If it doesn't match your setting, files won't be uploaded.

If enabled, the Upload API will need the variable upload_code via GET (eg: https://pictshare.net/backend.php?getimage=https://www.0xf.at/css/imgs/logo.png&upload_code=YourUploadCodeHere)


If set,the options will only work if the URL got the code in it. You can provide the code as option changecode_YourChangeCode

For example: If enabled the image https://www.pictshare.net/negative/b260e36b60.jpg won't show the negative version but the original. If you access the image with the code like this: https://www.pictshare.net/changecode_YourChangeCode/b260e36b60.jpg it gets cached on the server so the next time someone requests the link without providing the change-code, they'll see the inverted image (because you just created it before by accessing the image with the code)

Security and privacy

  • By hosting your own images you can delete them any time you want
  • You can enable or disable upload logging. Don't want to know who uploaded stuff? Just change the setting in inc/config.inc.php
  • No exif data is stored on the server, all jpegs get cleaned on upload
  • You have full control over your data. PictShare doesn't need remote libaries or tracking crap


You can use Backblaze Buckets for storage of images so you can use multiple instances of PictShare and if the image is not found on the instance, it will look in the bucket.

Just add your credentials to the config.inc.php file as described in the example.config.inc.php file.


  • Apache or Nginx Webserver with PHP
  • PHP 5 GD library
  • A domain or sub-domain since PictShare can't be run from a subfolder of some other domain

nginx config

This is a simple config file that should make PictShare work on nginx

  • Install php fpm: apt-get install php-fpm
  • Install php Graphics libraries: apt-get install php-gd
server {
        listen 80 default_server;
        server_name your.awesome.domain.name;

        root /var/www/pictshare; # or where ever you put it
        index index.php;

    location / {
        try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?url=$request_uri; # instead of htaccess mod_rewrite

    location ~ \.php {
        fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock;
        fastcgi_index index.php;
        include fastcgi_params;
        fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $document_root$fastcgi_script_name;
        fastcgi_param PATH_INFO $fastcgi_script_name;

    location ~ /(upload|tmp|bin) {
       deny all;
       return 404;


Apache config

This is a simple vHost config that should make PictShare work on Apache2.

  • Install php5: apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5
  • Install php Graphics libraries: apt-get install php5-gd
  • enable mod_rewrite
<VirtualHost *:80 >
    ServerAdmin webmaster@sub.domain.tld
    ServerName sub.domain.tld
    ServerAlias sub.domain.tld
    DocumentRoot /var/www/html

    <Directory /var/www/html/>
        Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
        AllowOverride All
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from All
    ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/error.log
    LogLevel warn
    CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/access.log combined


  • Just re-download the PictShare zip file and extract and overwrite existing pictshare files. Uploads and config won't be affected.
  • Check if your /inc/config.inc.php file has all settings required by the /inc/example.config.inc.php since new options might get added in new versions

Or use these commands:

# to be run from the directory where your pictshare directory sits in
git clone https://github.com/chrisiaut/pictshare.git temp
cp -r temp/* pictshare/.
rm -rf temp


Traffic analysis

See Pictshare stats

Coming soon

  • Delete codes for every uploaded image so users can delete images if no longer needed
  • Albums

Design (c) by Bernhard Moser

This is a HASCHEK SOLUTIONS project

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