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ethanmdavidson commented Sep 13, 2019

Describe the feature you'd like
On the markdown editor, I would like to have a link to some markdown help. It would also be nice to have some buttons which insert the markdown syntax for you.

Two examples of what I mean:

Gitlab markdown editor

Github markdown

danatkdan commented Oct 14, 2019

Presently, it is possible for two (or more) users to make conflicting edits on document sections. The most recent edit appears in the doc, and others are visible in the history.

It would be nice if there were an option to 'check-out' a document so that it is locked for edits except by the user who has it checked-out. This could be as simple as an additional change control option like 'Locked -

jab416171 commented Apr 29, 2019

I queued up a new scan while one was already running, and the red dot in the top right updated to show the status of the queued one, so it shows "0/0 Running Scan Photos..."

This is pretty useless, and it should probably show the status of the job that's actually running, and maybe the size of the queue.


rhaamo commented Nov 12, 2019

An user should be able to get an archive of:

  • All original track files
  • Tracks artworks
  • User avatar
  • user.json with profile
  • tracks.json with tracks infos

Possible issue : the archive will be more-or-less the same size of all the user tracks, disk space should be checked before generating it through celery.

We will introduce the celery beat to periodically remove the archive after

mariuswilms commented Sep 6, 2019

We currently expose the last modified time of nodes through the modified field. It'd be nice to also know about when a node first appeared. We could use Git to track back even renamed nodes. For DDT that are not supported by Git the created time from the filesystem should be used instead, even though that doesn't track back renames.

The new time should be exposed as created.

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