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An embeddable to pull an RSS feed into your website. I built this to embed a Medium blog on a separate website. Testing has only been done on the medium RSS Feed.

It uses the service to retrieve and convert the RSS to JSON.



For more docs and examples head over to


Clone repo

$ npm install

To run locally

$ npm run serve

Build using

$ npm run build

Host the retainable.js and retainable.css files on your webserver.

Place the entry point into your page and include the JS and CSS files on the same.

Options are passed in as data attributes on the entry point div


<link href="/retainable.css">


<div id="retainable-rss-embed"
         data-readmore="Read the rest"
         data-buttonclass="btn btn-primary"


<script src="/retainable.js"></script>

Alternatively there is an example of a widget style script in the demo folder, that injects the CSS & Script tags into the page (you still need to add the entry point div. To run the demo, first build the application with npm run build.


The widget has two distinct views

Index view

This is the way your posts are shown in summary.

Grid view will display the thumbnail, the title and the author with a "read more" link. It uses maxcols to define the number of columns.

Slider view will display a carousel of posts with the same details as grid. It uses maxcols to define how many posts to show at one time.

Post view

Inline view will show the full feed inline and replace the index view, there is pagination and the option to return to the index.

Modal view will display the full article in a full screen modal, there is pagination and an x to close the modal.

External view wil open a new tab and with the source link.


Option Default Reqiuired Details
id n/a Yes You must set the value of your entry point's id to "retainable-rss-embed".
data-rss n/a Yes You must provide at least one valid url to the RSS endpoint, multiple rss feeds can be combined with a comma separated list. You can also choose how many posts fetch for each endpoint just adding the value after the feed url separated by a pipe: if no value is given all the posts will be fetched.
data-maxcols 2 Optional must be an interger of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 and controls the number of cols display in the index view
data-layout grid Optional Styles the index of available posts, can be set to "grid" or "slider"
data-poststyle modal Optional The style of posts when you click on an excerpt in the index can be set to one of: "modal", "inline" or "external", external opens the post's source with a target of _blank
data-buttonclass Optional Space separated list of classes to apply to the read more button
data-readmore Read more Optional Text to show on the read more button
data-offset 0 Optional If you have a fixed header then you can set a negative offset integer for scrolling when the posts are shown inline e.g. -100 (converts to pixels)


An embeddable to pull an RSS feed into your website







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