My starting template for Jekyll powered websites.
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Jekyll Boilerplate

My starting template for Jekyll powered websites.


GitHub Pages:

My publishing method is a bit different to most...

I work on my local machine, run "jekyll --server", which generates the _/site files.

I make sure everything looks good, then run "git add -a", "git commit -am "my comment"", "git push origin master"

I then run the Grancher command "rake publish", which copies the files from _site/ into the gh-pages branch, commits and pushes the update automatically up to GitHub.

Because GitHub Pages is hosting my files under the subfolder "/jekyll-boilerplate"

I need to set in _config.yml "baseurl: "/jekyll-boilerplate""

In layouts/pages all urls need to have e.g. href="{{ site.baseurl}}/path/to/file.html"

As a result my localhost server root path is


If I were using a CNAME e.g. then this "baseurl" stuff is not needed.

By publishing this way I am able to make use of Jekyll _plugins on my local system... + other hacks.

Where GitHub Pages blocks the use of extensions ... see _config.yml "safe: true"...