Paralloid - (Pah-rah-loid) The Android Parallax library - DEPRECATED.
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Paralloid - DEPRECATED

DEPRECATED - Use the project for more of guide and ideas how to apply parallax techniques. I will not support this library anymore.

Paralloid - (Pah-rah-loid) The Android Parallax library

Compatible back to API 7

An example application, Paralloid Library Example, can be downloaded from the Play Store.

ParallaxScrollView is dead..

I originally wrote ParallaxScrollView a while back as proof of concept, people took surprisingly well to it; but from the get-go it was a fundamentally flawed.

Tightly-coupled and inflexible, made it difficult to maintain and confusing for people to use.


Currently limited but will expand when requests.

  • Parallax another view when the parent scrolls.
  • Parallax multiple backgrounds.
  • Transformers, Parallax in different ways and directions


  • ListView
  • ScrollView
  • HorizontalScrollView


Paralloid is designed to be modular and very loosely coupled (to an extent).

Two high level modules exist

  • paralloid - which is the library which everything extends from.
  • paralloidviews - which extends the library with a couple of pre-extended ScrollableViews.
  • paralloidexamples - which is of course the examples App.

Generally use paralloidviews as it contains everything you need to get going.

Getting Started


Currently I only support Gradle


Temporary steps from @therealkris.

  • First, I cloned the library into myproject/libs/paralloid.
  • In my settings.gradle, I added include ':libs:paralloid:paralloid', ':libs:paralloid:paralloidviews'.
  • In my build.gradle, I added compile project(':libs:paralloid:paralloid'), project(':libs:paralloid:paralloidviews').
  • In libs/paralloid/paralloid, I removed the uploadArchives {} block.
  • In libs/paralloid/paralloidviews, I removed the uploadArchives {} block AND changed the dependency to read: compile project(':libs:paralloid:paralloid') instead of compile project(':paralloid')

Or Repository (coming soon):

dependencies {
    compile ''



This is an example, please refer to the paralloidexample App for full code.

<FrameLayout ..>





Inside your onViewCreated() or onCreateView().

FrameLayout topContent = (FrameLayout) rootView.findViewById(;
ScrollView scrollView = (ScrollView) rootView.findViewById(;
if (scrollView instanceof Parallaxor) {
        ((Parallaxor) scrollView).parallaxViewBy(topContent, 0.5f);
// TODO: add content to top/scroll content

Thats it!

Have a look at the Parallaxor interface for applicable Parallax methods.

Custom Views

I tried to keep this as simple as possible, you can nearly copy and paste this.

  • Extend the Scrollable view (or the one you allready have).
  • Implement the Parallaxor interface.
  • Job done! See below for an example

Example implementation:

public class MyScrollView extends ScrollView implements Parallaxor {
  ParallaxViewController mParallaxViewController;

  // Call init() in constructors
  private void init() {
    mParallaxViewController = ParallaxViewController.wrap(this);

  protected void onScrollChanged(int l, int t, int oldl, int oldt) {
    super.onScrollChanged(l, t, oldl, oldt);
    mParallaxViewController.onScrollChanged(this, l, t, oldl, oldt);

  // region Implementation of Parallaxor

  public void parallaxViewBy(View view, float multiplier) {
    mParallaxViewController.parallaxViewBy(view, multiplier);

  public void parallaxViewBy(View view, Transformer transformer, float multiplier) {
    mParallaxViewController.parallaxViewBy(view, transformer, multiplier);

  public void parallaxViewBackgroundBy(View view, Drawable drawable, float multiplier) {
    mParallaxViewController.parallaxViewBackgroundBy(view, drawable, multiplier);

  // endregion