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ryansch commented Dec 4, 2010

I've got preliminary support for the following syntax:

FakeWeb.register_uri(:post, "#{Utility.test_domain}/subscriptions.xml") do |request_args|
    make_subscription request_args

The block is executed each time a request comes in. This allows a FakeWeb client to return responses based on the request body (or anything else). The request_args looks like this:

{:request=>#<Net::HTTP::Post POST>,
  "https://<host redacted>/subscriptions.xml",

The block needs to return a hash (or array of hashes) that looks like the parameters that are missing from request_uri like so:
{:status => 200, :body => "hi"}

Any of the options you can normally pass to request_uri after the http method and url are valid in the block return value.

This is a work in progress and has no tests yet. I'm looking for feedback at this point.

ryansch commented Aug 23, 2011

An update.

This code has been working great but sham_rack is really a better tool for this use case. I much prefer the sinatra syntax to what I've written here. That said, I'll keep this pull request open in case someone finds it useful. I won't be adding tests or refining the code at all.

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