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Python based continuous adjoint optimization wrapper for Lumerical
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Continuous adjoint optimization wrapper for Lumerical


This is a continuous adjoint opimtization wrapper for Lumerical, using Python as the main user interface. It is released under an MIT license. It is still work in progress and any contribution will be very welcome! New features to come out soon, and make it even easier to use (hopefully)!

If you use this tool in any published work, please cite and give a link to this repo. Thanks!

Tutorials, Examples, and Documentation

It is all here:


Make sure you have the latest version of Lumerical installed (it won't work correctly with older versions), and that lumapi (the python api) works

cd your/install/folder/
git clone
python develop

I would strongly recommend using jupyter notebooks to run optimizations.

First optimization

If you are not using jupyter notebooks:

cd your/install/folder/examples/Ysplitter

Otherwise copy your/install/folder/examples/Ysplitter/ into a notebook

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