A SuperCollider server running inside the audio callback of an openFrameworks app.
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README update readme Oct 23, 2011


::OpenFrameworks SuperCollider Server Host::

This project shows how to run a SuperCollider server from within the audio callback in openFrameworks (version 007).  This means you can generate audio or control input from your OF app, and then grab SC's audio output to control openGL visualisations etc etc etc, or something completely different?

It's based on Gerard Roma's SuperColliderAU project.

For those familiar with SC and OF, some quick instructions:

In initialize(), change SC_PLUGIN_PATH and SC_SYNTHDEF_PATH to match your system.
Running this project will start a blank OF app along with a SC server.  You can access the server from the SuperCollider app, where you can build a synthdef graph to generate or process audio.  For example, try this:

u = Server(\scau, NetAddr("", 9989)); 
u.serverRunning = true;
//high pass the input
z = { HPF.ar(AudioIn.ar([1,2]), 1000) }.play(u)

See the SuperColliderAU help file for more details.

Limitations:  There is no event scheduling in the server. SC needs timing info for this as OF does not expose time stamps for audio buffers.

How it works: A variant of libscsynth was built from the SuperCollider source, with the following changes:
(1) -DSC_AUDIO_API=SC_AUDIO_API_AUDIOUNITS was added to the 'Other c-flags' configuration.
(2) '_AUCallback' was added to the list of exports in libscsynth_exp.
This static library is included in this repository as 'libscsynthAU.a'


For those new to SuperCollider and OpenFrameworks, @mlunoe provides some more detailed instructions:


Get SuperCollider at http://supercollider.sourceforge.net/downloads/ and install.
Play around with SuperCollider. I found this workshop helpful: http://www.informatics.sussex.ac.uk/users/nc81/courses/cm1/workshop.html

OpenFrameworks with OpenFrameworks-Supercollider-Host:

-Get the openFrameworks at http://www.openframeworks.cc/download
-Get the @chriskiefer OpenFrameworks-Supercollider-Host project at under the code tab (here's a direct link for you: https://github.com/chriskiefer/OpenFrameworks-Supercollider-Host) and unzip
-Copy the whole "chriskiefer-OpenFrameworks-Supercollider-Host-XXXXXXX" folder into openFrameworks/addons/
-Open the "schostExample.xcodeproj" under openFrameworks/addons/chriskiefer-OpenFrameworks-Supercollider-Host-XXXXXXX/
-(Turn the volume down and) press "Build and Run".

Make them work together:

-When the OpenFrameworks-Supercollider-Host project is running open SuperCollider.app-
-Copy the SuperCollider code above and paste it into a new SuperCollider window
-Run each line (except the last one!) by placing the curser at each line and pressing Shift+Enter. The white noise provided by the OpenFrameworks-Supercollider-Host should change when Shift+Enter is pressed on line "z = { HPF.ar(AudioIn.ar([1,2]), 1000) }.play(u)"
-Press Shift+Enter at the last line "z.free" to restore the original sound.
-Go to the OpenFrameworks-Supercollider-Host project and hit Esc to kill the white noise.