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Minimum build ~$1,500

I estimate that the absolute minimum cost is going to be $1,500. Here I have included the minimum parts list with prices where I can.
Now that Parallax sells the Arlo Robotic Platform as a kit this list is much less complicated or important.

Arlo Robotic Platform System from Parallax

The majority of the robot I use is just an Arlo Robotic Platform from Parallax. Parallax now sells a complete kit:

  • Arlo Complete Robot System $1,195.00
    NOTE: This kit uses a new motor control board called the "DHB-10 Dual H-Bridge 10 Amp Motor Controller" instead of the HB-25s that were previously used. Thanks to a generous donation my robot now has this controller too, so my code should be 100% compatible with this system.

3D Sensor

ROS needs a "LIDAR" or "Laser Scanner", but they are expensive, so the TurtleBot, and our robot, uses a 3D camera sensor instead. This can be either an XBox 360 Kinect or an Asus XTION PRO LIVE/B/U Depth Sensor or maybe an Orbbec Astra
NOTE: The XBox ONE sensor will not work. Although I've seen rumors online that it may be supported? Do some research.
I suggest looking on Ebay for a Kinect sensor.



Laptop Computer $200 to $300

ROS Runs on Ubuntu on a PC. It doesn't work on Android or Raspberry Pi. Maybe someday, but right now that is not going to accomplish the task.
The TurtleBot comes with an ASUS “Netbook” with an Atom N525 dual-core 1.8GHz CPU. While this works, I think it should be considered the absolute minimum for a usable laptop for ArloBot.

  • HP EliteBook 2760p from Ebay $250
    • This is what I bought. Obviously buying a laptop on Ebay is a crap shoot. Fortunately if it is beat up, or the keyboard or touch pad are broken that is ok.

If you have an old laptop, or can borrow one, that is the best way to get started. Once you figure out what you want, then keep an eye on Amazon and/or Ebay for one you can buy.
Remember that it is easy to dual boot Ubuntu with Windows, so you can always use a laptop that has to perform other duties to also run on the robot.

USB Controlled Relay - 100% OPTIONAL

  • SainSmart USB Eight Channel Relay Board
    • This isn't required, and with the new DHB-10 motor controller it is even less important. However, it is built into my code and you can use it for doing nifty things on your robot later.
    • There is also a 4 port version that is smaller and a little cheaper. I haven't tried it, and the code will have to be modified to work with it, but I can help you with that and then we can make it automatic for future users.
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