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Node.js (REST API) + Vue.js/Nuxt.js (Frontend/Backend) + MySQL Boilerplate

This is a boilerplate project. The project contains Node.js REST API and frontend/backend developed by Vue.js with BootstrapVue.

  • API
    • Node.js, Express, Webpack, Express Validator, JWT, Bunyan, Promise MySQL, Node Mailer, Jest, Supertest, Nodemon, DB migrate
  • Frontend - Nuxt.js
    • Nuxt.js, Vue.js, Vuex, Vuelidate, BootstrapVue, Jest
  • Frontend - Vue.js
    • Vue.js, Vuex, Vue Router, Vue Draggable, Vuelidate, BootstrapVue, Jest, Cypress
  • Backend
    • Vue.js, Vuex, Vue Router, Vuelidate, BootstrapVue, Jest, Cypress


Service Endpoint
Frontend - Nuxt.js
Frontend - Vue.js

How to start in your local environment

$ docker-compose up -d

Once docker containers are up, then you can access services with below URL.

Service Endpoint
API http://localhost/api
Frontend - Nuxt.js http://localhost/frontend-nuxt
Frontend - Vue.js http://localhost/frontend-vue
Backend http://localhost/backend
Mailhog http://localhost/mailhog
MySQL localhost:3307

There are three users in the database initially. You can use them to login Frontend/Backend.

Service Username Email Password
Backend admin admin@boilerplate.local 123456
Backend staff staff@boilerplate.local 123456
Frontend user user@boilerplate.local 123456


API docker container will be launched as development mode with nodemon. However, it won't detect any changes unless uncomment volumes.

To enable live change for the API, simply uncomment following lines in docker-compose.yml

    - ./api:/srv

Please make sure you run npm install in the api folder.

Frontend & Backend

Currently, Frontend (Nuxt.js/Vue.js) and Backend docker container is configured to serve production mode due to the limitation of setting development environment of Vue.js in sub directory.

If you want to have Hot Reload feature, then you should launch the Frontend separately by npm run serve.

cd frontend-vue
npm run serve

# or

cd frontend-nuxt
npm run dev

# or

cd backend
npm run serve

Then access Frontend - Nuxt.js with http://localhost:3000, Frontend - Vue.js with http://localhost:8080 and Backend with http://localhost:8081 via your browser.


Currently, API is configured to point Mailhog to send an email. Any email sent by the API can be viewed in Mailhog web interface.

Access via your browser http://localhost/mailhog


MySQL port is mapped to 3307.


  • API

    • Database migration
  • Frontend - Vue.js

    • User registration
    • Confirm user email address
    • Reset user password
    • User login/logout
    • Manage todo
    • Manage account information
  • Frontend - Nuxt.js

    • Support all features that "Frontend - Vue.js"
    • Server Side Render (SSR)
  • Backend

    • Staff login/logout
    • Staff permission management
    • List todo
    • Manage users
    • Manage staffs
    • Manage settings
  • CI/CD

    • Gitlab: .gitlab-ci.yml
    • Github: .github/workflows/main.yml


  • Unit tests
  • E2E tests