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GB Studio


Copyright (c) 2021 Chris Maltby, released under the MIT license.

Twitter: @maltby

Reddit: /r/gbstudio
Discord: Join Chat

GB Studio is a quick and easy to use retro adventure game creator for Game Boy available for Mac, Linux and Windows. For more information see the GB Studio site

GB Studio

GB Studio consists of an Electron game builder application and a C based game engine using GBDK, music is provided by GBT Player


Download a release for your operating system from the GB Studio Downloads page.

Or to run from source, clone this repo then:

> cd gb-studio
> yarn
> npm start

GB Studio CLI

Install GB Studio from source as above then

> npm run make:cli
> yarn link
# From any folder you can now run gb-studio-cli
> gb-studio-cli -V
> gb-studio-cli --help

Update the CLI

Pull the latest code and run make:cli again, yarn link is only needed for the first run.

> npm run make:cli

CLI Examples

  • Export Project

    > gb-studio-cli export path/to/project.gbsproj out/

    Export GBDK project from gbsproj to out directory

  • Export Data

    > gb-studio-cli export -d path/to/project.gbsproj out/

    Export only src/data and include/data from gbsproj to out directory

  • Make ROM

    > gb-studio-cli make:rom path/to/project.gbsproj out/

    Make a ROM file from gbsproj

  • Make Web

    > gb-studio-cli make:web path/to/project.gbsproj out/

    Make a Web build from gbsproj


GB Studio Documentation