Mixture of caching and pagination for html tables.
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Cachinate was created to speed up already existing pagination on the server side. Instead of making the user wait for a second or two when they want to view the next page, the next page of data is already javascript cached on the client side and then simply unhidden. Once the next set of data is shown to the user another ajax request is made to the server to be ready for when the user clicks the next link again, and on and on.

How to Use

Populate your table as you normally would for the first page of data.

<table class="data">

Then call the plugin on the desired selector set


If more data exists beyond what is currently contained within the table a “show more” link will be added just below the data containing table.


The plugin does allow for some customization, ie. which message to display to the user when no data exists, the link text to, and the querystring variable name used to hold the page number of the data request.

The default values are listed below:

* noDataMessage => "No More Data Exists"
* nextPageLinkText => "View More"
* queryStringKey => "page"

To add your own custom items just pass in a hash table to the gsCachinate() method.

  noDataMessage: "No more data here",
  nextPageLinkText: "Please sir, can I have some more?",
  queryStringKey: "p"