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Add descriptions for custom schema attributes

These are shown in Finder when you start a smart folder (or do a
"Find"). Click the popup labelled "Kind" and choose "Other..." The table
in the sheet that appears uses these descriptions.
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1 parent fbf8d1c commit a83ff00f576938412140d70849752da297279348 @chrisridd committed Mar 5, 2012
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  1. +3 −1 epubMDI/schema.strings
4 epubMDI/schema.strings
@@ -6,4 +6,6 @@
Copyright (c) 2012 Chris Ridd. All rights reserved.
org_idpf_epub_container_metadata_illustrators = "Illustrators";
-org_idpf_epub_container_metadata_translators = "Translators";
+org_idpf_epub_container_metadata_illustrators.Description = "Person or organization who illustrates a written text";
+org_idpf_epub_container_metadata_translators = "Translators";
+org_idpf_epub_container_metadata_translators.Description = "Person or organization who translates a text from one language into another";

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