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Node.js Web Scoreboard for FinishLynx

  • LAN Version
    • Runs on a local network — requires
  • WAN Version
    • Runs on a webserver — requires account

###Node Setup###

  • install node.js
    • add node to PATH (windows installer sometimes doen't do this by default)
      • open cmd prompt as administrator
      • SET PATH=C:\Program Files\Nodejs;%PATH%
  • create a folder for you Node project (c:\node)
  • install node.js module (required for LAN version, not WAN)
    • must be in the same directory as the node project
    • from a command prompt

###FinishLynx Setup

  • copy nodejs.lss into the Finishlynx directory
  • setup scoreboard in FinishLynx
    • Script: nodejs.lss
    • Code Set: Single Byte
    • Serial Port: Network (UDP)
    • Port: 43278
    • IP Address:
    • Running Time: Off
    • Results: Auto
    • Alway send place: checked
    • Paging: checked
    • Size: 24
    • Max: 24
    • Include first name: checked

###Run Server###

  • start the node upd/http server
    • node lynx.js