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Flippy is a webhook responder for Slack that flips tables and text.


App Configuration

Flippy is meant to run on a go buildpack on something like Heroku or dokku on a public URL.

Two environment variables need to be set:

  • FLIPPY_SLACKTOKENS - required - a 💩-separated (:poop: not the emoji character since I have no idea how portable that would be or if it would even work) list of Slack tokens (set in the webhook below) you want to answer for.
  • FLIPPY_TRIGGERWORD - optional - an optional trigger word for flippy to listen for. Defaults to flip.

Slack Configuration

  • Set up an Outgoing Webhook in Slack and set the following:
    • Channel: the channel to listen or on or all channels
    • Trigger Word(s): what you set FLIPPY_TRIGGERWORD in the above or flip if you didn't set it
    • URL(s): The site where you have flippy running followed by /slack (e.g


The examples below assume you are using the default trigger word flip. If you are using a custom trigger word use that instead.

Invoke Flippy and have a table flip as a response:


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Have Flippy flip some text instead of a table:

flip dood

(╯°□°)╯︵ poop


  • Check all your settings
  • Make sure you are typing the trigger word at the beginning of the line
  • If you are using a custom trigger word be sure you are using that instead of flip so summon Flippy
  • If you have restricted the webhook to a single channel make sure you are in that channel
  • Flippy logs to STDOUT


Flippy is a Slack webhook responder that flips tables and text




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