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ZSH plugin to enhance the terminal environment with 256 colors
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chrissicool Use 3-step approach to find valid terminal config
1. Use (n-)curses binaries from $PATH, if installed. They know best
   where to find the appropriate terminal databases. They also obey
   environment variables. This is the most robust way.

2. Search old termcap databases. This is second, because the only OS
   without (n-)curses binaries installed around is FreeBSD.

3. Search newer terminfo databases. This is failsafe, really. Maybe
   someone uses this plugin on her custom minimal Linux distro. So make
   it work.

The environment variable $ZSH_256COLOR_DEBUG can be set to see which one
of the steps above was used to set the the terminal to 256 colors.
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256color ZSH Plugin

This ZSH plugin enhances the terminal environment with 256 colors. It looks at the chosen TERM environment variable and sees if there is respective (n-)curses' termcap/terminfo descriptors for 256 colors available. The result is a multicolor terminal, if available.

Plugin Installation


If you use Antigen, add the following line to your plugins list:

antigen bundle chrissicool/zsh-256color

Oh My Zsh

If you use Oh-My-Zsh, add zsh-256color to your plugins list and clone this repository to your $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins directory:

$ ( cd $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins && git clone )


If you're using Zgen, add

zgen load chrissicool/zsh-256color

to your .zshrc with your other zgen plugin load commands.


If the environment variable $ZSH_256COLOR_DEBUG is set to any value when the plugin loads, some debugging information is printed to stderr. This is useful to find out which strategy was successful to set a 256 colors terminal.

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