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This is a simple CardDAV client written in PHP called "CardDAV PHP".

* Query your CardDAV server with XML response (simplified or raw)
* Supports many authentication methods
* You can add / update / delete vCards from your CardDAV server
* Get single vCards (raw or extended XML) from your CardDAV server
* Check CardDAV server connection
* Tested CardDAV servers: DAViCal, Apple Addressbook Server, memotoo, SabreDAV, ownCloud, SOGo

* Nothing to install - it's standalone
* Requires PHP 5.3 and CURL
* The documentation can be found in the class itself

Special thanks
* xbgmsharp for the great feedback!

* Author: Christian Putzke <christian.putzke@graviox.de>
* Report feature requests and bugs here: https://github.com/graviox/CardDAV-PHP/issues
* Visit my website: http://www.graviox.de/
* Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cputzke/