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' BBType adds legacy Type functionality to BlitzMax Type
Type TBBType
Field _list:TList
Field _link:TLink
Method Add(t:TList)
End Method
Method InsertBefore(t:TBBType)
End Method
Method InsertAfter(t:TBBType)
End Method
Method Remove()
_list.remove self
End Method
End Type
Function DeleteLast(t:TBBType)
if t TBBType(t._list.Last()).Remove()
End Function
Function DeleteFirst(t:TBBType)
if t TBBType(t._list.First()).Remove()
End Function
Function DeleteEach(t:TBBType)
if t t._list.Clear()
End Function
Function ReadString$(in:TStream)
local length
if length>0 and length<1024*1024 return,length)
End Function
Function HandleToObject:Object(obj:Object)
Return obj
End Function
Function HandleFromObject(obj:Object)
Local h=HandleToObject(obj)
Return h
End Function