Matlab JSON deserialization/serialization using the MEX API and libjson.
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matlab-json is a fast and efficient JSON-parser for MATLAB


>> a = struct(); = 'Hello, World!'; = magic(3);
>> tojson(a);
ans =
{ "name": "Hello, World!", "data": [ [ 8, 3, 4 ], [ 1, 5, 9 ], [ 6, 7, 2 ] ] }

>> fromjson('{"name": "Hello, World", "data": 123}')
ans = 
    name: 'Hello, World'
    data: 123


libjson (aka. JSON-c) (0.11 minimum)

To enable maximum precision of floating point values, consider using the Git version or patching "json_object.c" in libjson, by changing the formatting string in the function "json_object_double_to_json_string" from "%f" to %.17g".


Run "make" within MATLAB to build the MEX functions.

Mac install

Install libjson (aka. JSON-c) to /usr/local. It is easiest to do this with homebrew: brew install json-c Then run "make" within MATLAB.