A keyboard-maniac alt-tab alternative
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Join the chat at https://gitter.im/christianrondeau/GoToWindow

No more need for alt-tabbing through dozens of windows, or looking for your windows in the task bar. Simply press Win + Tab + Tab, type a few characters from the window title or process name you want to switch to and press enter.

For the keyboard maniacs.

Warning! This is an alpha, and is stil being continuously improved. Contributions are welcome!

Official website

Download latest release

GoToWindow screenshot


Launch GoToWindow.exe. You can also place it in in the Windows Startup menu to launch it automatically with Windows.

  • Press Win + Tab + Tab to open the windows list. All windows are shown, with the most recently accessed first.

  • Press the Up and Down arrows to navigate in the list, and press Enter to switch to the application.

  • Start typing keywords to filter the list. Note that only windows that contain all words in either the window title or the process name will be shown.

  • If no opened window is found for your query, press Enter to search directly in the Windows Search charm.

  • Press Ctrl + Number (1 - 9) to directly open the application at the selected index from the list.

  • Press Escape to close the window.

Tips and gotchas

  • To use GoToWindow within an application that runs with elevated privileges (Run as Administrator), GoToWindow must also run with elevated privileges, otherwise the native Alt + Tab will show up.

  • By default, GoToWindow expands web browser's tabs. This slows down display a little bit. You can disable it in the Settings, under the Plugins tab.

  • Windows 10 is supported, but there's a few glitches (icons and process name not showing up, some closed apps still showing up...)


If for some reason GoToWindow crashes, create an issue (check if one already exists before).

Please include:

  • Log (GoToWindow.log in the installation directory).
    Only include the last ~50 lines.
  • Version of Windows
  • Version of GoToWindow


GoToWindow is extensible. Even the core functionality is a plug-in, that can be replaced if you wish. You can also write your own!

Built-in Plugins

  • GoToWindow.Plugins.Core: Loads the core windows list, as shown by the native Alt + Tab screen. Also allows launching the Windows Search if no window fit.
  • GoToWindow.Plugins.ExpandBrowsersTabs: Expands browser windows and shows all tabs as separate windows. Includes Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Notepad++
  • GoToWindow.Plugins.ExplorerExtensions: Show the full path of explorer windows instead of just the folder name. If a valid path is written, you can also open Windows Explorer with it.

Installing Additional Plug-ins

Simply drop the plug-in files under GoToWindow\Plugins directory, and restart GoToWindow.

Writing your own Plug-ins

See the Plugins document for more information on extending GoToWindow.



JetBrains Resharper

Thanks JetBrains for providing a ReSharper license! This makes my life much easier (and I don't remember how to code without it)


Copyright (c) 2015 Christian Rondeau. Licensed under the MIT license.