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An Argdown parser plugin for exporting svg argument maps to png, jpg or webp files. The plugin uses svg-to-img which in turn uses the headless Chrome/Chromium browser puppeteer. It loads the svg into the browser and makes a snapshot.

Because of puppeteer's large size and Linux installation requirements, this plugin is not part of @argdown/node and has to be installed separately.

Installation and use

Install the package globally:

npm install -g @argdown/image-export

If you are using Linux, you might have to install additional dependencies for Puppeteer. Check the installation notes for svg-to-img and Google's troubleshooting document for further information.

@argdown/cli and @argdown/pandoc-filter will automatically search for the plugin on your computer and use it if needed.

Here is an example of how to use @argdown/cli to export a map to png using @argdown/image-export:

argdown map --format png input.argdown output.png


Here is an example of how to specify output folders in an argdown.config.json file:

    "png": {
        "outputDir": "./images"
    "jpg": {
        "outputDir": "./images"
    "webp": {
        "outputDir": "./images"

You can use the following svg-to-img configuration options in an argdown.config.json file, by using the image config section:

  • type is called format
  • quality
  • width
  • height
  • background
  • encoding

Here is an example:

    "image": {
        "format": "jpg",
        "encoding": "base64",
        "background": "#ff0000",
        "quality": 0.5,

The clip option is currently not implemented. Say "Hi" on Github, if you need it.