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v1.8.2 released! Check out the new features

Argdown is a simple syntax for analyzing complex argumentation.

  • Listing pros & cons in Argdown is as simple as writing a twitter message. You don't have to learn anything new, except a few simple rules that will feel very natural.
  • With these simple rules you will be able to define more complex relations between arguments or dive into the details of their logical premise-conclusion structures.
  • Argdown can even be used within Markdown! Your code is transformed into an argument map while you are typing. When your are ready, you can publish your analysis as pdf, embed it as a web-component in a webpage or simply export your map as an image.

Start with the docs or try it out in the Browser Sandbox.

If you want to start working right away, you should install the Argdown VS Code extension.

Credits and license

The development of Argdown and Argdown-related tools is funded by the DebateLab at KIT, Karlsruhe.

All code is published under the MIT license. The optional Argvu font is published under a Free License.

About this repository

This repository is a Monorepo containing all packages of the Argdown project. We use lerna to manage their internal dependencies. You can find all packages in the packages/ folder.

For further information about the code, consult the API section of the documentation.

To install this Monorepo

  • fork/pull or download this repository
  • run npm install in the main folder.
  • run npm run bootstrap to install the dependencies of all packages. This will call lerna bootstrap.
  • run npm run docs:dev if you want to work on the documentation. Run npm run to see the other scripts available.

Installing npm packages


lerna add xmlbuilder --scope=@argdown/core