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From JS I'm calling PHP file that are creating a text file with $_POST['location'] - only for tests.
The problem is that nothing is being passed to $_POST['location'] .
The JS is:
bgGeo.configure(callbackFn, failureFn, {
url: '', // <-- only required for Android; ios allows javascript callbacks for your http
params: { // <-- Android ONLY: HTTP POST params sent to your server when persisting locations.
auth_token: 'user_secret_auth_token',
foo: 'bar'
headers: { // <-- Android ONLY: Optional HTTP headers sent to your configured #url when persisting locations
'X-Foo': 'BAR'
desiredAccuracy: 10,
stationaryRadius: 20,
distanceFilter: 30,
debug: true, // <-- enable this hear sounds for background-geolocation life-cycle.
notificationTitle: 'Background tracking', // <-- android only, customize the title of the notification
notificationText: 'ENABLED' // <-- android only, customize the text of the notification

The PHP code is:

Can someone assist please?


it was answered in another issue I believe; instead or reading data from $_POST you need to obtain the data sent to your PHP script by:

$data = file_get_contents('php://input');

simple logging:

file_put_contents("/tmp/tracklog", file_get_contents('php://input'),"\n", FILE_APPEND);


Thanks, problem was solved!!!

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Thanks @georgetudor

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Closed #50

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#50 (comment)

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Thank you Chris for a great plugin :)


FYI Android has been completely refactored in Premium Version

  • No more in-plugin HTTP -- plugin now executes your Javascript callback, just like iOS
  • Significantly improved battery performance

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