Track calls to functions and methods in PHP. Replace behavior of functions with stubs at runtime.
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Track arguments and return values of calls to functions and methods when you cannot use PHPUnit Mocks. Spies do not interfere with the behavior of the code and delegate calls to the actual implementation of the spied on function by default. But, they can be configured to delegate calls to another function.



Via Composer

Add to your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "christopheraue/phpspy": "*"
    "repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            "url": ""



On functions

function id($in)
    return $in;

$spy = new \christopheraue\phpspy\Spy("id");


echo $spy->getCallCount();           //3
echo $spy->getCall->getArgCount();   //1
echo $spy->getCall(1)->getResult();  //2
echo $spy->getCall(0)->getContext(); //null

On methods

class VIP
    private $_secret;

    public function learnSecret($secret)
        $this->_secret = $secret;
$vip = new VIP();

$spy = new \christopheraue\phpspy\Spy("VIP", "learnSecret");

$vip->learnSecret("The cake is a lie.");

echo $spy->getCallCount();           //1
echo $spy->getCall(0)->getArg(0);    //"The cake is a lie."
echo $spy->getCall(0)->getContext(); //$vip

On static methods

class VIP
    public static function id($in)
        return $in;

$spy = new \christopheraue\phpspy\Spy("VIP", "id");

VIP::id("static, static, static.");

echo $spy->getCallCount();           //1
echo $spy->getCall(0)->getResult();  //"static, static, static."
echo $spy->getCall(0)->getContext(); //"VIP"


Calls can be intercepted by giving the spy a substitute to execute instead. They are still tracked in this case. It works for functions and methods alike.

function id($in)
    return $in;

$spy = new \christopheraue\phpspy\Spy("id");

//substitute for an anonymous function
$spy->actAs(function($in) {
    //do something

//substitute for another function

//substitute for a method
$spy->actAs(array($object, 'method'));

//call through again

All callables qualify as valid substitute. Anonymous functions are executed in the context of the methods they are replacing. This means

  • access to the scope resolution operator (::) using parent, self and static.
  • For objects, $this is defined and is pointing to the instance.

Complete API


To spy on

  • (static) methods: new \christopheraue\phpspy\Spy($className, $methodName)
  • functions: new \christopheraue\phpspy\Spy($functionName)

Interface of a spy:

  • getCallCount(): Returns the number of recorded calls.
  • getCall($n): Returns the nth recorded call. Negative $n get calls from the back of the list.
  • reset(): Resets the spy by deleting all recorded calls.
  • actAs($callable): Delegates calls to a spied on function to another callable.
  • actNaturally(): Delegates calls to the actual implementation of the spied on function (again).
  • callOriginal($args = array(), $instance = null): Calls the original function without tracking the call. Arguments can be passed to the original function by passing an array with them as first argument. If the original function is a non-static method the second argument must carry the instance in which context it will be called.
  • kill(): Deletes all recorded calls, stops recording further calls and kills the spy.

Interface of a call:

  • getArgCount(): Returns the number of recorded arguments
  • getArg($n): Returns the nth argument of the call. Negative $n get arguments from the back of the list.
  • getResult(): Returns the return value of the call.
  • getContext(): Returns null for functions, an reference to the object for methods and the class name for static methods.