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Handgun Hoedown - Milestones & Waterfall.xlsx


Handgun Hoedown is the local multiplayer Western game for having a hoedown with handguns!

Get to a gun as quickly as possible and shoot your fellow cowboy right between the eyes - if you haven't got a revolver, run for your life or punch one right out of their hands! The first cowboy to three kills wins!

It's available now for free on!


You can play with split keyboard or a combination of keyboard/controller, but we highly recommend using controllers for the best experience!


Xbox 360 Controller

(Same for both players)

Movement - Left Analog Stick

Aiming - Right Analog Stick

Punch / Shoot - Right Bumper (RB)

Dash / Aim - Left Bumper (LB)


Pause - Escape

Player 1 (Red)

Movement - W, A, S, D

Aiming - T and U

Punch / Shoot - Y

Dash / Aim - Left Shift

Player 2 (Blue)

Movement - Arrow Keys

Aiming - < and ?

Punch / Shoot - > key

Dash / Aim - Spacebar

Known Bugs

  • Using keyboard, some animations don't trigger
  • The game is tested with Xbox 360 Controllers, but the game can be played with a Logitech F310, though turning doesn't work properly and snaps to cardinal directions
  • If both players shoot each other at the EXACT SAME TIME, sometimes their death animation won't play until the beginning of the next round. They will then spend that round floating around on their backs, and the revolver will appear to be shooting out of their crotch. We did not fix this because it is hilarious.
  • When the match begins, players sometimes have to hit RB or Y (Punch / Shoot) twice to get going
  • The aim line is not exactly lined up with the pistol (this is an animation bug - we don't have an animator)

macOS specific:

  • When going through level select the game will hang for a moment the first time, but will function regularly
  • On older machines two shaders break, causing the cowboys to have thick outlines and the gun-aim line to be doubled
  • The launcher does not display the logo properly


Christopher Cornford - Programming, Design

Kenny Howell - Art Direction, UI, Design

Ethan Thibault - Audio Design, Programming, Production

Special Thanks to Nick, Frank, Emily, Lily, and Nolan

Asset Packs

Western Low Poly Pack by Atom Studio

Low Poly Revolver by Teh_Bucket

Low Poly Cowboy