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A collection of shell scripts to perform common actions (mostly related to system administration) on FreeBSD.

Feedback and contributions are welcome!


backup/apache backs up Let's Encrypt certs (if present), Apache includes, and the www directory. If Apache is installed in a jail, you can provide the path to the jail to back up from there.

backup/configs backs up common config files that may have been modified on the system. Includes /etc and /usr/local/etc from the host as well as from inside all jails.

portsfetch can be used to switch to the current quarterly branch for FreeBSD ports and to update your local ports tree after switching. See Using Quarterly Ports on FreeBSD for background information and usage instructions.

update-host performs a basic update sequence including freebsd-update on the host plus a vulnerability audit and upgrade of packages on the host and inside each jail.


Currently, the bulk of this project consists of the scripts in the lib directory that provide functions for other scripts to use. I've made changes to make those libraries more flexible before sharing them, and I'll release additional scripts over time as I update them to incorporate those changes.


lib/shell.common defines functions frequently used in shell scripts.


  • getScriptPath: Returns full path to the current script.
  • importScript: Imports another script.
  • pressEnterTo: Asks the user to press enter to perform an action.
  • requireRootOrExit: Exits the script with an error message if the user is not root or using sudo.

Hashes (Associative Arrays / Dictionaries)

It includes functions for managing hashes (associative arrays / dictionaries), which are used by other functions in the file:

  • hashContainsKey: Returns result code indicating whether the specified key exists in the hash.
  • hashContainsValue: Returns result code indicating whether the specified value exists in the hash.
  • hashGet: Returns value found for the specified key.
  • hashPut: Adds an item to the hash.

Script Options

There are limited functions for reading script options such as -p and -param value, but not -abc where all 3 are different options:

  • getOption: Returns the value provided for the specified option.
  • optionIsEnabled: Returns result code indicating whether the specified option was passed to the script.
  • parseScriptOptions: Parses the command line options for the other option functions.
  • setOption: Sets an option. Used by parseScriptOptions, but available to scripts as well.

Note Management

Finally, a couple of functions that allow scripts to accumulate a list of notes to be shown to the user after the script completes:

  • addNote: Adds a note such as a status message to a file.
  • showNotes: Displays the contents of the notes file and its location to the user.

lib/ defines functions commonly used for file input/output.

Utility Functions

  • generateHexString: Returns a random hex string of the requested length (default 8).
  • getTempFileName: Provides a string that can be used as the name of a temp file.
  • runAsScriptInJail: Executes commands as a shell script inside the specified jail.

Text Manipulation

  • escapeAwkSearchText: Returns input string with special characters escaped for awk.
  • escapeForSed: Returns input string with special characters escaped for sed.
  • escapeNewlines: Returns input string with newlines escaped.

File Manipulation

  • appendToFile: Appends text to the end of the specified file.
  • createOrReplaceFile: Creates or replaces the specified file with the provided contents.
  • deleteLine: Deletes the provided line of text from the specified file.
  • insertAfterLine: Inserts the provided text after the specified text.
  • insertBeforeLine: Inserts the provided text before the specified text.
  • replaceLine: Replaces the specified line of text with the provided text.
  • replacePattern: Replaces the specified regular expression with the provided text.
  • replaceText: Replaces the specified text with the provided text.
  • commentLine: Comments a line by prefixing with # or a provided value.
  • uncommentLine: Uncomments a line by removing # or a provided value.


lib/shell.pkg defines functions to assist with package management.

Package Management Functions

  • hasPackage: Checks to see whether a given package is installed on the host.
  • installPackages: Installs one or more packages on the host.
  • jailHasPackage: Checks to see whether a given package is installed in a jail.
  • jailPackages: Installs one or more packages in a jail.


A collection of shell scripts to perform common actions (mostly related to system administration) on FreeBSD.








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