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#Script for validating individual IIIF manifests or folder of manifests


ManifestFactory, Loader and most of main script copied from the main Presentation API implementations GitHub repo:, so thanks to them.


###Command line

$ python ./ [--folder] [--file path/to/single/manifest/file] [--write path/to/file/to/write/results]
  • --folder flag validates all json files in the 'static' directory.
  • --file takes a path to a single manifest file for validation
  • --write takes a path to a file to write results to (or creates file if it doesn't already exist)
  • 'manifests' folder should be in the in the same directory as
  • Results file is overwritten each time the script is run

###As a module

The script can be imported into other python scripts:

from local_validator import validator

It should be called with the following variables:

validator([single_file=path/to/file], [folder=True], [write=results/file/path], [folder_path=path/to/folder], [raw=True])

The raw option returns the validation results as a list of dictionaries.

The example below would validate a single file and save to more_results.txt

validator('manifests/test1.json', 'more_results.txt')

The example below would validate a folder of files (defaulting to 'manifests' folder), but only display the results in the console:


The example below would validate a folder of files, and return the results as a list of dictionaries:

    results = validator(folder=True, raw=True)

When using as a module, you can also define an alternative folder path:

different_folder_path = "manifests/child"
validator(folder=True, folder_path=different_folder_path)

Breaking down the results

The following script would print each of the fields for the individual manifest results:

from local_validator import validator

results = validator(folder=True, raw=True)

for result in results:
    print result['warnings']
    print result['error']
    print result['okay']
    print result['filename']
  • result['filename']: The path and filename of the file that has been validated
  • result['warnings']: A list of all warnings for the manifest
  • result['error']: The first error that the validator encounters (it stops at that point)
  • result['okay']: Returns '1' if the manifest is valid, or '0' if it's invalid

####To Do:

  • Flag to only return validation failures
  • Flag to only return failures and warnings
  • Investigate getting line numbers in their (pull request to main IIIF manifest_factory)


Command line validator for IIIF manifest files



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