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Simple Brackets extension that makes the window title more friendly.
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Window Title Tweak

As a user of ProcrastiTracker, I like to have precise statistics for each file in all projects. So I made a Brackets extension to add project name into the title!

Here are a few examples of how the title might look:

  • Brackets (default app name)
  • File - file.html (file outside project)
  • File - folder/file.html (file outside project)
  • Project - MyProject (open project with no open files)
  • Project - MyProject - file.html (open project with an open file)
  • Project - MyProject - folder/file.html (open project with an open file)

Since this is my first extension, there might be some bugs, so please report anything peculiar you find.

Installation Guide

Go to File - Extension Manager, and either search for "Window Title Tweak", or click Install from URL and paste in this link: