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SambaLinkMaker is a simple command line utility to convert local file paths to UNC or smb:// links on Linux.


This program is run from command line. It accepts one or more local file paths and outputs the corresponding UNC or smb links to standard output. Default is UNC paths to share with your Windows running buddies. Just run the program for full list of options.


For now I'm simply compiling from MonoDevelop. All dependencies are pulled from NuGet.

Compiling? What's that?

Just grab the latest binary release. I develop and test SambaLinkMaker only on [K]Ubuntu Linux only. You'll still need to install the mono runtime.
sudo apt-get install mono-runtime

And of course the whole thing only makes sense if you have samba file sharing configured and running, but it's out of scope of this readme. To access the list of shares this program uses the Samba's net command. I think it's installed by default with samba.


To create windows .msi installer you need to install wixl.
sudo apt-get install wixl

Then run
wixl --arch x64 -o SambaLinkMaker_x64.msi WindowsInstaller.wxs

For .tar.gz releases I'm using MonoDevelop's linux deployment feature.

Regenerating the icons from SVGs:
mogrify -path Resources -format ico -density 600 -define icon:auto-resize=256,128,64,48,32,24,16 Resources/*.svg

OS integration

Windows MSI installer.

Adds a Copy context menu in Explorer with various choices. In current form it's fairy limited, but works. Know issues/limits:

  • Only accepts one file or directory at a time. Overcoming this limitation requires writing a shell extension. I know there's sharp shell, but seemes a bit of an overkill. Another option would be to include this little program
  • Copying a drive path results in wrong link. This seems a windows bug to me. Only tested on 64 bit Windows 7.

KDE Dolphin Service Menu

First build the service menu package from MonoDevelop. Then extract the resulting package into ~/.local/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus/ or other path, depending on your distro. If unsure use kf5-config --path services or kde4-config --path services command.


SambaLinkMaker is under the MIT License.


Simple command line utility to convert local file paths to UNC or smb:// links on Linux.




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