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  • The website of the Poio project - http://www.poio.eu

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  • Poio API is a free and open source Python library to access and search data from language documentation in your linguistic analysis workflow. It converts file formats like Elan’s EAF, Toolbox files, Typecraft XML and others into annotation graphs as defined in ISO 24612. Those graphs, for which we use an implementation called “Graph Annotation F…

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  • The Poio Corpus is a freely available collection of language resources for the lesser-used languages. The data is extracted from free sources like Wikipedia, dictionaries, documents, websites and others.

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  • The library graf-python is an open source Python implemenation to parse and write GrAF/XML files as described in ISO 24612. The parser of the library creates an annotation graph from the files. The user may then query the annotation graph via the API of graf-python.

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  • Pressagio is a library that predicts text based on n-gram models. For example, you can send a string and the library will return the most likely word completions for the last token in the string.

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  • Documentation of the Poio project.http://www.poio.eu

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  • Poio is a collection of software tools for linguists working in language documentation, descriptive linguistics and/or language typology. It allows linguists to manage and analyze their data. The Poio Interlinear Editor allows to add morpho-syntactic annotations to transcriptions. It supports various file formats for input, but will only output …

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  • PyAnnotation is a Python Library to access and manipulate linguistically annotated corpus files.

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