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This is a collection of custom splices for use with Digestive Functors Heist. Some of the default splices generate invalid markup or don't play nicely with the newer HTML5 form attributes like required.

Using the splices

You'll have to create your own bindings before you can use them. Note that the dfSubView and dfInputList splices provided by Digestive Functors Heist will not propagate custom splices through their child nodes. You'll want to overwrite the bindings using the dfSubView and dfInputListStatic/dfInputListCustom splices provided by this library.

digestiveSplicesCustom :: MonadIO m => View Text -> Splices (Splice m)
digestiveSplicesCustom = do
	-- splice provided by digestive-functors-heist
	digestiveSplices v
	-- insert list of new splices you want to add...
	"dfPlainText" ## dfPlainText v
	"dfSubView" ## dfSubView v
	"dfInputListCustom" ## dfInputListCustom digestiveSplicesCustom v

fooH :: AppHandler ()
fooH = do
	(view, result) <- runForm "form" fooForm
	renderWithSplices "path/to/template" $ digestiveSplicesCustom view


The GroupRadio collection of splices is intended to allow a radio element to span a list of forms. For instance, you might have a list of email addresses where only one of them is allowed to be the default.

In order to take advantage of the splice, your form needs to have a field that holds the value you want to match against.

featuredForm :: Monad m => [a] -> Form Text m (Text, [a])
featuredForm xs = ( , )
	<$> "selected" .: text (getSelected xs)
	<*> "list" .: listOf aForm (Just xs)
		aForm = undefined
		-- ^ form for the list
		getSelected = undefined
		-- ^ extract the selected element out of the list

Binding the GroupRadio collection of splices is not as straight forward as other splices because it requires two views: the view from outside of the list and the view within the list item.

digestiveSplicesCustom :: MonadIO m => View Text -> Splices (Splice m)
digestiveSplicesCustom = digestiveSplices' splices
		splices v = do
			"dfPath" ## dfPath v
			"dfInputListCustom" ## dfInputListCustom' digestiveSplicesCustom v

dfInputListCustom' :: MonadIO m => (View Text -> Splices (Splice m)) -> View Text -> Splice m
dfInputListCustom' splices outerView =
		listItemSplices listItemView = do
			splices listItemView
			"dfGroupRadioText" ## dfGroupRadioText outerView listItemView
		dfInputListCustom listItemSplices outerView

Here's a template for a list of images where only one can be a chosen as a featured image. Note the checked="selected" attribute on the dfGroupRadioText element, this tells the splice which field you want to compare it to in order to determine if it is selected or not. This field must be visible from the outer view, which was the first argument passed into the splice when we bound it.

<dfInputListCustom ref="list">
<table class="spreadsheet">
	<caption>Current Images</caption>


		<dfListItem><tr wrapperAttrs>
			<td><dfCustomText ref="filename"><img src="/screenshots/${value}" width="200" alt="" /></dfCustomText></td>
			<td><dfPlainText ref="filename">example.jpg</dfPlainText></td>
			<td><dfPlainText ref="width">480</dfPlainText>px</td>
			<td><dfPlainText ref="height">320</dfPlainText>px</td>
			<td><label><dfGroupRadioText ref="filename" checked="selected" /> Featured</label></td>
			<td><label><dfInputCheckbox ref="delete" /> Delete</label></td>
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