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May 20, 2021
Jun 4, 2021


A new SRP from scratch

Unity version : 2020.3 on master branch
Checkout to branches for older versions

Tested with : Win DX11, Mac Metal

Scene Image Description
SRP0101_Basic Super basic SRP that renders unlit material objects
SRP0102_AssetSettings Let the SRP Asset to pass some custom variables
SRP0103_CustomGUI Have a proper interface for the SRP Asset
SRP0201_FrustumCulling Frustum culling always work. This is a test scene to verify the culling results
SRP0202_OcclusionCulling Baked Occlusion Culling always work also. This is jsut a test scene to verify it
SRP0301_Batching Use Static Batching, Dynamic Batching, GPU Instancing and SRP Batcher
SRP0401_NoSpecificPass To draw the shaders that do not have a tag, e.g. default Unlit shaders
SRP0402_Multipass In SRP we need to specify the pass names, so no more infinite pass. But we can specify the orders of passes
SRP0403_Compute Use compute shader to achieve simple edge detection
SRP0404_DrawCommands using CommandBuffer functions (DrawMeshInstancedIndirect)
SRP0405_Callback Make your custom callback function so that you can insert extra rendering code with other scripts
SRP0501_SoftParticle Setup CameraDepthTexture to achieve soft-particle effect
SRP0502_Distortion No more grab pass but we can implement our own
SRP0101_Fog Use Fog on Lighting Settings
SRP0601_RealtimeLights Directional / Point / Spot lights and setup PerObject light data
SRP0602_BakedLights Baked Lightmap / Reflection Probe / Light Probes and setup PerObject data for them
SRP0603_RealtimeShadowDirectional Directional light realtime shadow
SRP0701_Stencil In order to use stencil, we need the render target having at least 24bit depth. This case we use the same pipeline with 0701
SRP0702_Postprocessing This shows you how to use Postprocessing Stack with SRP (transparent effects e.g. Bloom, Depth of Field)
SRP0703_MotionVector Make motion blur works. Use per-object and camera motion vector
SRP0801_UGUI Use UICamera to render UGUI, also render 3D objects and particle on UI
SRP0802_RenderPass Use RenderPass to target multiple color attachments and read / write from / to them
SRP0802_RenderGraph Use RenderGraph to modularize rendering passes. Use Window > Render Pipeline > Render Graph Viewer to see RT read/write status in each pass
SRP0803_MultiRenderTarget Use CommandBuffer.SetRenderTarget() to target multiple color surfaces
SRP0901_SceneViewFix Make the gizmos / icons appear on scene view
SRP0902_SceneViewDrawMode Adding custom Scene View draw modes
SRP1001_Error Render the pink shaders on the materials that the SRP doesn't support
SRP1002_Debug Make the Profiler records the timing for SRP performance debugging
SRP1003_DefaultShaders Set pipeline default materials when creating new material / objects / particle / terrain etc

References / Useful Links:


Many mini-custom-SRPs showing how to achieve different things when creating your own SRP. Only SRP Core package is needed.