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Handle VIM modeline in Emacs.

Like Emacs's file local variable, VIM (and others) has similar feature called modeline (Unfortunately, VIM uses modeline for its own purpose, which is very different from Emacs's modeline.) For example:

/* vim: set nu: */
// vi:nu:sw=3

This package provides basic support for handling VIM modeline in a file.

Currently, VIM's shiftwidth, tabstop, softtabstop, number, expandtab options are supported (in somewhat limited ways).


$ # Download emacs-vim-modeline in someplace.
$ git clone http://github.com/cinsk/emacs-vim-modeline.git

In your init file, add following code:

(add-to-path 'load-path "SOMEWHERE/emacs-vim-modeline")
(require 'vim-modeline)
(add-to-list 'find-file-hook 'vim-modeline/do)