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Quasar Stocks

This is a porting of TypeSafe's Reactive Stock example to Quasar Actors and Comsat Web Actors. Run on Jetty embedded servlet container plus its WebSocket module.

Getting started

  1. ./gradlew run.
  2. Open http://localhost:8080 in Firefox.
  3. Play with it.


  • The Java implementation is almost as compact as the half-Scala original one.
    • ...And much easier to understand.
  • Quasar Actors are based on Quasar's lightweight threads or fibers which make all the code is code straightforward, sequential imperative style.
    • No declarative-functional-monadic-async programming is forced down your throat just to work around JVM threads' heavy footprint.
  • Since calls are (fiber-)blocking and full control flow language can be used around them, no tick message is needed: just use the straightfoward blocking receive with a timeout.
  • By default Web Actors automatically assign a new actor to a request or WebSocket connection, which can be configured for automatic termination upon connection closing with a simple watch call.
    • So, supervision isn't really necessary and Quasar doesn't make it mandatory (it is there just to showcase it).
  • Actors and Web Actors do just one thing well: everything is conf- and JSON-library agnostic, you're not forced into a full-blown lock-in web framework.
  • 100% Servlet compatible, no need to run a non-standard embedded server if you don't want to.


  • Currently generated web resources are just copied: add build steps from original CoffeeScript and LESS source files.
  • Do away with the comsat-testutils dep.
  • Add Capsule-based deployment.


This is a porting of TypeSafe's Reactive Stock example to Quasar Actors and Comsat Web Actors



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