A user-friendly program for making electronic circuit diagrams.
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Circuit Diagram: Draw Circuit Diagrams

A graphical editor for Circuit Diagrams with support for custom user-defined components. The main editor runs under Windows only, while the supporting tooling and libraries are cross-platform.

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Circuit Diagram 4.0 is currently in development and is not yet feature-complete. Please see v3.1 for the latest stable release of Circuit Diagram.

Diagrams can be exported using one of the built-in image exporters, to formats including SVG and PNG.

Visit www.circuit-diagram.org/help for help using Circuit Diagram.


Compiled binaries and an installer for Windows are available at www.circuit-diagram.org/downloads.

Custom Components

Circuit Diagram includes most commonly used components but you can download more from the Circuit Diagram Website.

The following tools are available for creating custom components:

  1. Online component editor - create components in your web browser
  2. Visual Studio Code extension - create components in Visual Studio Code


Open CircuitDiagram/CircuitDiagram.sln in Visual Studio. The dependencies should download automatically.


Please submit all issues, bugs and feature requests using the GitHub issues tracker.