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bbc7329 Aug 10, 2018
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  • swearing / being very aggressive, specially when there is no real content.

    Keep in mind that my Chinese sucks, so I may not get the full nuance of your comment.

  • generating lots of notifications for me that don't teach me anything new.

    I don't have that much time to waste.

    If I can unsubscribe from your notifications however, you are free to comment away.

Punitive measures, from least serious to most serious:

  • delete comment
  • block user on one website. This may have the unintended side effect of deleting previous useful comments the user made on the websites.
  • ban all known accounts of an user over multiple websites

Constructive disagreement will never be interfered with.

If you wish to appeal a punitive measure, please contact me through some unblocked method, and your request will be reviewed.

I will not reply anything non-trivial on Chinese websites, since all of those will be taken down sooner or later, therefore wasting my time. I will just tell you to recontact on a non-Chinese website, or re-post your question with the answer on a Western website.