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  • at mention @cirosantilli (or other unsubscribed users) unless there is moderation need.

    If Ciro unsubscribed from a thread, it means that he does not want to reply there anymore.

    Create a new issues instead if you are arriving at a thread created by someone else and a have a new relevant point.

  • Evil West posts are OK, but they must explain why you think a dictatorship would better solve the problem.

    Further rationale at:

  • generate lots of notifications that don't teach people anything new.

    If you want to shitpost, fine, but keep the number of issues and comments small, and try to be creative.

    People don't have that much time to waste.

    If you are still certain that you want really want to shitpost, first see some tips at:

    Remember, you are threading dangerous waters, it is "one Ciro against one million wumaos", and so Ciro doesn't even blink anymore when a block might apply.

    But as long as you follow our shitiquette, you should be fine.

  • swearing/being very aggressive on a not-shitpost post.

    Keep in mind that Ciro's Chinese sucks, so he may not get the full nuance of your comment, especially if you use a ton of slang.

    On shitpost posts however, you can be as aggressive as you want.

Punitive measures, from least serious to most serious:

  • if you make a comment and delete, people who received notifications can still find your username: so think twice before doing that on a non-shitpost thread that Ciro is subscribed to.

    Shitposting and owning up to it is one thing, but shitposting, generating notifications, and being a coward by immediately deleting your comment, makes you getting blocked much more likely.

  • block user on one website. This may have the unintended side effect of deleting previous useful comments the user made on the websites.

  • delete comment or vandalize the user's post.

    Actually, the main reason Ciro Santilli bans non-notification generators is not that he gives a fuck about the insults, but rather that he wants to prevent the OP from editing away his amazing post vandalisms.

  • ban all known accounts of an user over multiple websites

Constructive disagreement will never be interfered with.

If you wish to appeal a punitive measure, please contact me through some unblocked method, and your request will be reviewed. "I'm sorry I got mad that time" will get you out of jail for first time offenders.

I will not reply anything non-trivial on Chinese websites, since all of those will be taken down sooner or later, therefore wasting my time. I will just tell you to recontact on a non-Chinese website, or re-post your question with the answer on a Western website.

If OP someone shitposts on GitHub and gets blocked, I will just make that clear by taking a web archive, posting a link on my comment, and setting the op-block label on the person's post:

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