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Popular repositories

  1. x86-bare-metal-examples

    Dozens of minimal operating systems to learn x86 system programming. Userland cheat at: Keywords: hello world, bare bones, boot sector, MBR, BIOS,…

    69 Assembly

  2. x86-assembly-cheat

    x86 userland minimal examples. Hundreds of runnable asserts. Containers (ELF), linking, calling conventions. System land cheat at:

    64 Assembly

  3. markdown-style-guide

    Readable and portable Markdown style guide.

    46 CSS

  4. cpp-cheat

    C and C++ minimal examples. Asserts used wherever possible. Hello worlds for cool third party libraries. Cheatsheets, tutorials and mini-projects.

    44 C

  5. linux-cheat

    Linux tutorials and cheatsheets. Minimal examples. Mostly user-land CLI utilities.

    36 Shell

  6. java-cheat

    Java minimal examples. Asserts used wherever possible. Cheatsheets, tutorials.

    24 Java