JavaScript bindings for Cisco Collaboration Endpoint XAPI
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A set of tools to integrate with the Cisco Telepresence Endpoint APIs in JavaScript.

Quick start example, using SSH

const jsxapi = require('jsxapi');

// Connect over ssh to a codec
const xapi = jsxapi.connect('ssh://', {
  username: 'admin',
  password: 'password',

// Handle errors
xapi.on('error', (err) => {
  // !! Note of caution: This event might fire more than once !!
  console.error(`xapi error: ${err}`);

// Set up a call
xapi.command('Dial', { Number: '' });

// Fetch volume and print it
  .get('Audio Volume')
  .then((volume) => { console.log(volume); });

// Set a configuration
xapi.config.set('SystemUnit Name', 'My System');

// Listen to feedback
const off = xapi.event.on('Standby', (event) => {
  // ...

// De-register feedback


The full API documentation can be built by running npm install in a jsxapi module directory. Documentation will be located under docs/ can then be opened in a browser.

More specifically:

mkdir tmp
cd tmp
npm install jsxapi
cd node_modules/jsxapi
npm install

Then open ./docs/index.html.

Questions and support?

Questions about the xAPI, integrations and customizations? Join the xAPI Devs Spark Space community for realtime support here.

Development & Contribution

Release procedure

Making a release is quite simple:

  • Perform all changes/commits.
  • Determine the version change (npm help semver).
  • Update "" with version number, date and change summary.
  • Run npm version with the appropriate version bump.
  • Run npm publish to push the package version to the registry.

Alternatively, use yarn publish1

[1] Requires a version supporting npm 2fa (yarn#4904)