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HTML API for Citation.js
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Simple HTML API for Citation.js.

Table of Contents

Get Started

Create a bundle with the plugins you want to use with the Bundle Tool (here).


citation.js-replacer is a HTML API, so everything is done by adding HTML to your page.


To add a reference, insert any element with the class citation-js. By default, the program will use the textContent of the element as input.

<div class="citation-js">Q21972834</div>

You can also use pass input with the data-input attribute.

<div class="citation-js" data-input="Q21972834">This text can now be ignored</div>

This is usefull, as you can put a fallback in the element, in case the API fails, JavaScript is blocked or the program doesn't work for another reason.

<div class="citation-js" data-input="Q21972834">
  <a href="">Link</a>

Output options

You can specify output options too, with the data-output-* attribute. These are the same as the Citation.js Output options. data-output-format is reserved for the format name (bibliography, citation, bibtex). It automatically fetches templates and styles that are not built into Citation.js.

<div class="citation-js" data-input="Q21972834" data-output-format="bibliography" data-output-template="apa">
  <a href="">Link</a>

Special options

Input options and plugin configuration can be set by data-input-* and data-plugin-$PLUGIN-* respectively.



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