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This is the official repository for Citation Style Language (CSL) locale files. These files are used to localize citations and bibliographies generated with CSL styles, and consist of localized terms, date formats and grammar rules.

See Guide to Translating CSL Locale Files for more information on how to localize a locale file.

The translation status of the CSL 1.0 locale files is:

Locale code Locale Progress
af-ZA Afrikaans (South Africa) partial
ar Arabic complete
bg-BG Bulgarian complete
ca-AD Catalan complete
cs-CZ Czech complete
da-DK Danish complete
de-AT German (Austria) copied from de-DE
de-CH German (Switzerland) copied from de-DE
de-DE German complete
el-GR Greek complete
en-GB British English complete
en-US US English complete
es-CL Spanish (Chile) complete
es-ES Spanish (Spain) complete
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) complete
et-ET Estonian complete
eu Basque complete
fa-IR Persian complete
fi-FI Finnish complete
fr-FR French (France) complete
fr-CA French (Canada) complete
he-IL Hebrew complete
hr-HR Croatian complete
hu-HU Hungarian complete
id-ID Indonesian partial
is-IS Icelandic (Iceland) complete
it-IT Italian complete
ja-JP Japanese partial
km-KH Khmer (Cambodian) partial
ko-KR Korean partial
lt-LT Lithuanian complete
lv-LV Latvian complete
mn-MN Mongolian not started
nb-NO Norwegian (Bokmål) complete
nl-NL Dutch complete
nn-NO Norwegian (Nynorsk) complete
pa-PK Punjabi (Shahmukhi) complete
pl-PL Polish complete
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) complete
pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal) partial
ro-RO Romanian complete
ru-RU Russian complete
sk-SK Slovak partial
sl-SI Slovenian complete
sr-RS Serbian partial
sv-SE Swedish complete
th-TH Thai complete
tr-TR Turkish complete
uk-UA Ukrainian partial
vi-VN Vietnamese partial
zh-CN Chinese (Simplified) complete
zh-TW Chinese (Traditional) complete
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