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Remote Desktop Protocol for Node.js

node-rdpjs is a pure implementation of the Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) protocol (client and server side). node-rdpjs support only SSL security layer.


You can install last release node-rdpjs through npm :

npm install node-rdpjs

Or work with dev branch :

git clone
cd node-rdpjs
npm install

RDP Client

To create a simple rdp client :

var rdp = require('node-rdpjs');

var client = rdp.createClient({ 
	domain : 'my_domain', 
	userName : 'my_username',
	password : 'my_password',
	enablePerf : true,
	autoLogin : true,
	decompress : false,
	screen : { width : 800, height : 600 },
	locale : 'en',
	logLevel : 'INFO'
}).on('connect', function () {
}).on('close', function() {
}).on('bitmap', function(bitmap) {
}).on('error', function(err) {
}).connect('XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX', 3389);

Client parameters :

  • domain {string} Microsoft domain
  • userName {string} Username
  • password {string} password
  • enablePerf {boolean} Active some performance features (disable wallpaper)
  • autoLogin {boolean} start session if login informations are good
  • decompress {boolean} use RLE algorrithm for decompress bitmap
  • screen {object} screen size
    • width {integer} width of screen
    • height {integer} height of screen
  • locale {string} keyboard layout
    • en qwerty layout
    • fr azerty layout
  • logLevel {string} console log level of library
    • DEBUG
    • INFO
    • WARN
    • ERROR

Use of decompress parameter impact performance.

Client Events

List of all available events from server


Connect event is received when rdp stack is connected


Close event is received when rdp stack is close cleanly


Error event is received when a protocol error happened


Bitmap event is received for a bitmap refresh order :

  • destTop {integer} y min position
  • destLeft {integer} x min position
  • destBottom {integer} y max position
  • destRight {integer} x max position
  • width {integer} width of bitmap data
  • height {integer} height of bitmap data
  • bitsPerPixel {integer} [15|16|24|32] bits per pixel
  • isCompress {boolean} true if bitmap is compressed with RLE algorithm
  • data : {Buffer} bitmap data

Client Inputs

Client inputs are mainly user inputs (mouse and keyboard).


client.sendPointerEvent(x, y, button, isPressed);
  • x {integer} mouse x position in pixel
  • y {integer} mouse y position in pixel
  • button {integer} [ 1 (left) | 2 (right) | 3 (middle) ]
  • isPressed {boolean} true for a pressed button event


client.sendKeyEventScancode(code, isPressed);
  • code {integer} scancode of key
  • isPressed {boolean} true for a key pressed event
client.sendKeyEventUnicode(code, isPressed);
  • code {integer} unicode char of key
  • isPressed {boolean} true for a key pressed event


Please see mstsc.js project page to watch an example of node-rdpjs.


  • Protocol server side
  • NLA Authentication security layer
  • RDP security layer for windows xp compatibility
  • Win32 orders
  • RemoteFX (H.264) codec