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CityJSON Loader for QGIS 3

This is a Python plugin for QGIS 3 which adds support for loading CityJSON datasets in QGIS.


"Stable" releases are available through the official QGIS plugins repository.

  • In QGIS 3 select Plugins->Manage and Install Plugins...
  • In the All panel select the CityJSON Loader plugin from the list.


After the installation, there must be a new submenu under the Vector menu. Select CityJSON Loader->Load CityJSON... in order to open the CityJSON dialog window. You can select a dataset and add it from there.

You may enable the Split layers according to object type option in order to load different object types as different layers in QGIS.

3D view in QGIS 3.0

CityJSON Loader automatically enables 3D renderer in QGIS versions 3.2 onwards. However, if you are using QGIS 3.0 you have to enable it manually. This can be done as follows:

  • Right-click on the layer and select Properties...
  • Select the 3D View panel and check the Enable 3D renderer option.
  • In QGIS 3 menu select View->New 3D Map View in order to see the 3D geometry.


You may use make to assist you while developing.

The following rules can be useful:

  • make deploy: will automatically copy the required files to your QGIS plugins' folder. BEWARE: it only works out-of-the-box for macOS. For other operating systems you might have to change the QGISDIR variable in Makefile.
  • make package VERSION=GIT_REF: (where GIT_REF is a branch, tag or any other git ref) will make a zip package to be installed manually from QGIS or uploaded to the QGIS plugins' repository.