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Census 2020 microsite for Travis County + City of Austin
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🇺🇸 Census 2020

This repo is for hosting code, data, and tracking issues for a prototype City of Austin & Travis County Census 2020 campaign microsite.

More details on early stage scoping of this project can be found here.

🚀 Getting Started

The primary technologies for this website are:

  • Gatsby, an open source React.js framework for static sites)
  • Netlify CMS, an open source content management system that uses a Git workflow for content publishing with.

📦 Install

  1. Go into the 📁 gatsby folder: cd gatsby
  2. Install dependencies: yarn
  3. Run a development server: yarn start

🚢 Deployment

The site is currently deployed using Netlify as the static site host.

💫 Project Management

We're using Gitub Issues & Projects to track progress on our work. Check it out here:

💬 Slack

Aside from in-person meetings, we coordinate online in the Open Austin Slack org. You can request an invite to join our Slack at

Once you're in, join the conversation in the #p-census2020 channel.

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