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CiviCRM (Core Application and Framework)
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CRM-16367 (back office contribution form) refactor pledge update out of form
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CRM Merge pull request #5748 from eileenmcnaughton/CRM-16367
Civi Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/4.6' into 4.6-master-2015-04-1…
ang CRM-16354 - wysiwyg code cleanup
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bin Update copyright date in comments
css CRM-16423 - Remove textarearesizer.js
distmaker CRM-16299 - distmaker - Include "ang" folder
extern allow contribution widget to include pending status if &includePendin…
i Icon cleanup
install install/index.php: replaced dead license link with the text of the li…
js CRM-16423 - Remove unused crmasmselect.js
settings Update copyright date in comments
sql Update version to 4.6.3
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tests CRM-16367 (back office contribution form) further refactor around red…
tools CRM-16354 - Migrate forms to new wysiwyg code
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.gitignore composer.lock - Re-add to git
.jshintrc INFRA-132 - Add .jshintrc. Cleanup tests/karama/unit.
README.txt Add directions on where to report issues.
agpl-3.0.exception.txt Import from SVN (r45945, r596)
agpl-3.0.txt CRM-12595 fix formatting in remaing files
bower.json CRM-16415 add Font Awesome to bower.json
composer.json CRM-16005 - Use and configure the dompdf provided by composer.
composer.lock composer.lock - Re-add to git
gpl.txt CRM-12595 fix formatting in remaing files
header-afl.txt Import from SVN (r45945, r596)
header-agpl.txt INFRA-132 - Copyright header - Drupal.WhiteSpace.ScopeIndent.Incorrec…
header.sql Update copyright date in comments
header.tpl Update copyright date in comments
header.txt Update copyright date in comments
karma.conf.js CRM-16145 - karma.conf.js - Use ang/*
package.json CRM-16046 - karma - Use PhantomJS by default
phpunit.xml.dist CRM-15011 - Add phpunit.xml and bootstrap.php


README file for CiviCRM
1. About
2. Installation
3. Documentation
4. Support
5. Development

1. About
CiviCRM is a constituent relationship management system designed to
meet the needs of advocacy, non-profit and non-governmental groups.
It is an open source project, licensed under GNU AGPL 3, and
coordinated by CiviCRM LLC. The project website is

CiviCRM is released as a module that runs within the Drupal, Joomla,
and WordPress content management systems.

2. Installation
The download URLs and installation instructions are available on our

3. Documentation
Documentation, as well as the project bug tracker and mailing lists,
can be found at Just click on the appropriate link.

Our main documentation site is the wiki at
- particularly

4. Support
All support is on the CiviCRM forums:

5. Development
Developers are highly encouraged to join the CiviCRM forums and post
questions and ideas on the Developer Discussion board:,20.0.html

Installing the latest developmental code requires some special steps. Full
instructions are on the wiki:

Report all issues to CiviCRM via JIRA:
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