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org.civicrm.shoreditch (developmental)

The "Shoreditch" extension is a theme for CiviCRM based on a contemporary flat design and the Bootstrap v3 framework.

Please note that this extension is currently in alpha stage and under active development. Significant elements may change.


For development

  • NodeJS v14.16.0

Supported CMSs

At the moment the theme is being developed to work only in Drupal 7. WordPress and Joomla are not currently supported.

Installation (git/cli)

# Navigate to your extension directory, e.g.
cd sites/default/files/civicrm/ext

# Download and enable the extension
git clone
cv en org.civicrm.shoreditch

CiviAdmin Companion Drupal theme

If you also intend to use the CiviAdmin Companion Drupal theme, please go to its repo and follow the installation instructions there

(only for Shoreditch v0.1-alpha33+)

Development / Bleeding edge version

If you are developing for the theme or if want the very latest (but untested) version of the theme on your site, run

cd org.civicrm.shoreditch
npm i

Once all the packages are installed gulp sass will be automatically invoked, which will build the stylesheets with the latest version of the source code.


The theme includes two major components:

  • "bootstrap.css" is a build of Bootstrap based on the standard Bootstrap style-guide. It can be used with other CiviCRM extensions which satisfy the Bootstrap style-guide.
  • "custom-civicrm.css" is a supplement to "civicrm.css". It uses the same visual conventions and SCSS metadata, but it applies to existing core screens.

Using bootstrap.css

This extension provides the CSS for Bootstrap. Other extensions should output compliant HTML, e.g.

<div id="bootstrap-theme">
  <div class="panel panel-default">
    <div class="panel-heading">
      <h3 class="panel-title">Hello World</h3>
    <div class="panel-body">
      This is the Hello World example.

Note the use of id="bootstrap-theme". To avoid conflicts with CMS UIs, the CSS rules are restricted to #bootstrap-theme.


Want to report a bug, suggest enhancements, or contribute to the project? Please read here!