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A website about DC's Advisory Neighborhood Commission system.


If you plan to contribute to the repo, you should set up your own fork and open pull requests with any commits you make. Please note that all contributions are made under a CC0 license.

If you're not familiar with forking, Github has a useful guide.

Getting Started

In order to get the site running locally you'll want to start by creating an account for Docker, download, and install the program. The community edition can be downloaded here.

You'll then need to contact one of the project leads to the mapbox API token.

Next, if you have not done so yet, for this repository from the Code For DC github page. Once forked, clone the repository to your computer to create a working copy.

git clone

Next open app.env and set the MAPBOX_API_KEY to the access token for your mapbox account.

Starting Ancfinder

At this point you will not have any of the dependencies need to run the website. This is where docker comes in hand. To get all the required dependencies run the following at the command line from your cloned repository:

docker-compose -f up -d --build

If you are unfamiliar with docker, there is a very quick and easy tutorial here that will get you up to speed.

Navigate to localhost