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Cloud hosting for developers, by developers

Welcome to Civo on GitHub

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The cloud native service provider

Launch superfast Kubernetes clusters in less than 2 minutes.

The first pure play cloud native service powered only by Kubernetes

  • Blazing fast cluster launch times in under 90 seconds
  • Simplified developer experience
  • Transparent pricing from just $4 a month

Contribute to Civo open source projects

  • Civo CLI Golang based CLI that can be used to interact with the Civo API and create cloud resources on Civo without interacting with the web UI.
  • Civo Go Golang based SDK for interacting with civo APIs.
  • Kubernetes Marketplace Open source markeplace for Civo Kubernetes one-click app installation on clusters
  • Civo Terraform provider Infrastructure as Code (IAC) tool to create resources on Civo via Terraform
  • Civo Crossplane provider IAC tool to create resources on Civo via Crossplane


  1. cli cli Public

    Our Command Line Interface (CLI) for interacting with your Civo resources

    Go 169 79

  2. kubernetes-marketplace kubernetes-marketplace Public

    Marketplace of Kubernetes applications available for quick and easy installation in to Civo Kubernetes clusters

    Shell 210 179

  3. terraform-provider-civo terraform-provider-civo Public

    Terraform Civo provider

    Go 65 49

  4. civo-cloud-controller-manager civo-cloud-controller-manager Public

    Kubernetes cloud-controller-manager for Civo

    Go 4 6

  5. civogo civogo Public

    Golang client to interact with Civo's API

    Go 33 20


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