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Cloud hosting for developers, by developers

Welcome to Civo on GitHub

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The cloud native service provider

Launch superfast Kubernetes clusters in less than 2 minutes.

The first pure play cloud native service powered only by Kubernetes

  • Blazing fast cluster launch times in under 90 seconds
  • Simplified developer experience
  • Transparent pricing from just $4 a month

Try Civo for 1 month with $250 free credit

Contribute to Civo open source projects

  • Civo CLI Golang based cli that can be used to interact with Civo api and create resources on Civo cloud without interacting with UI.
  • Kubernetes Marketplace Open source markeplace which is for Civo kubernetes one click app install whicle cluster creations.
  • Civo Terraform provider IAC tool to create resources on Civo cloud via Terraform
  • Civo Crossplane provider IAC tool to create resources on Civo cloud via crossplane

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  1. Marketplace of Kubernetes applications available for quick and easy installation in to Civo Kubernetes clusters

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  2. cli Public

    Our Command Line Interface (CLI) for interacting with your Civo resources

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  3. Terraform Civo provider

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  4. kube100 Public archive

    NOTE: This repo is no longer being maintained or monitored. If you are facing any issues, you could either create an issue on the other respective repos (if any) or directly reach to us via

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  5. GitHub Action for Civo

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  6. A Rubygem to save full log/output of your requests, errors, etc for viewing within ActiveTracker

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